Hotel Reservation

The workshop will be held in the conference room Amphithéâtre located in the Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls/Mer. The modern and comfortable conference room is in the very center of town, close to the beach, in the location represented in the image below that can be displaced on google maps via this link.


Since July is a busy period in Banyuls and because there is the "Festa Catalana" in the city during the days of the WUDS, we advise that invited speakers reserve as soon as possible their accommodation in one of the nearby hotels.

A limited number of rooms has been reserved for student participants at the dormitory of the Banyuls-sur-mer Observatoire océanologique. This is the center where the lunches will be served for all the participants. Due to the limited availability, these rooms are reserved to the student participants (see the registration page for more information).

To help with the hotel reservation, a special rate has been arranged with a local travel agency at the two hotels Hôtel Côté Thalasso and Hôtel Les Elmes. The travel agency can handle requests from the individual participants. To this end, participants may contact:

Les Daussets Levants – 31460 AURIAC SUR VENDINELLE
Phone: +33 6 15 93 22 82 - Email :

and/or fill up this Hotel Reservation Form.

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