Please, when organizing your trip, take into account that we are organizing a welcome cocktail in the late afternoon of July 4, at 6.00 pm. The cocktail will be held at the town hall of Banyuis-sur-mer.

Several different options are available for reaching the city of Banyuls-sur-mer. 

The airports that appear to be closest to the venue are the following ones:

Perpignan Airport is 45 Km away from Banyuls-sur-mer

    1. Consider taking a taxi to Banyuls (during day time the cost is approximately 95 euros)
    2. An alternative is a shuttle bus to Perpignan's train station and then a train ride Perpignan to Banyuls to Banyuls.
    3. Finally, you may consider renting a car

Barcelona Airport is 220 Km away from Banyuls-sur-mer

    1. Consider reaching the train station and taking a train to Banyuls-sur-mer  (train change in Perpignan)
    2. You may also consider renting a car.

Toulouse Airport is 262 Km away from Banyuls-sur-mer

    1. Consider reaching the train station (possibly with the Airport Shuttle of the Toulouse public transportation company Tisséo -- see also the Route Map) and taking a train to Banyuls-sur-mer (train change in Narbonne)
    2. Also consider renting a car.

Girona Airport is 117 Km away from Banyuls-sur-mer and may be a valid alternative, especially if renting a car

If you are planning to rent a car and would like to have access to the parking of the CNRS research center, please contact the organizers with some advance and we will do our best to make this possible within our limited availability. Requests will be satisfied, if possible, following a first-come first-served policy

Should you need any additional information for arranging your trip to Banyuls, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers.

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