The workshop program will feature roughly 20 presentations over three days, with a welcome cocktail in the evening of  July 4, preceding the first workshop day. The lunches of July 5, 6 and 7 are included in the workshop registration and will be held at the residence of the Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls/Mer.

Please note that the exact time of the welcome cocktail has not been finalized yet but will be announced soon. A workshop banquet reserved to the speakers (see the registration page) will happen on Thursday, July 6. If any attendee would like to participate in the workshop banquet, please contact the organizers.

The detailed program is reported below. If the slides from a specific talk are available, they can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinked title.

Click here to download a pdf version of the WUDS 2017 program leaflet.


Tuesday, July 4

18:00 Welcome Cocktail offered by the mayor of the city of Banyuls-sur-mer        

Wednesday, July 5


Thursday, July 6


Friday, July 7

Time   Time   Time  
8:30 Workshop Registration        
9:00 Paolo Bolzern, Patrizio Colaneri 
Stability and stabilization of Poisson jump linear systems
9:00 Boris Polyak 
Estimates of transients in linear differential and difference equations
9:00 Mathukumalli Vidyasagar 
A new approach to an old problem: Partial realization via compressed sensing
9:40 Ian Petersen
The Kalman decomposition for linear quantum systems
9:40 Mario Sznaier
Data driven robust controller design
9:40 Necmiye Ozay
Coordination of large collections of uncertain switched systems
10:20 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break 10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Franco Blanchini
Model-free plant tuning
10:50 Carsten Scherer
Stability and performance analysis by local integral quadratic constraints
10:50 Jun Ichi Imura
Control of Uncertain Large-Scale Network Systems and Its Applications to Power Networks
11:30 Yoshio Ebihara
Reduction of SDPs in H-infinity Control of SISO systems and performance limitations analysis
11:30 Roy Smith
Robustness in positive systems
11:30 Yasumasa Fujisaki 
A characterization of algebraic connectivity of multi-agent systems having a graph product structure
12:10 Lunch Break 12:10 Lunch Break 12:10 Closing Lunch
14:10 Luca Zaccarian
Stubborn observers for linear and nonlinear uncertain systems
14:10 Julien Hendrickx
Open Multi-Agent Systems with arrivals and departures
Special Session on Social Networks    
14:50 Constantino Lagoa 
Distributed maximization of separable non-concave functions with applications to utility maximization in computer networks
14:50 Anton Proskurnikov 
From rational consensus to belief systems dynamics: the evolution of the Friedkin-Johnsen model
15:30 Coffee Break 15:30 Coffee Break    
16:00 Li Qiu 
Networked Robust Stabilisation: when the gap meets two-port
16:00 Chiara Ravazzi 
Learning influence structure in sparse social networks
16:40 Sophie Tarbouriech
Robust event-triggered control
16:40 Paolo Frasca
Harmonic influence in social networks and identification of influencers by message passing
17:20 Ricardo Sanchez Pena 
Control-oriented LPV model and control of an Artificial Pancreas: first clinical tests
17:20 Claudio Altafini
Opinion dynamics and polarization over networks


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